Peter Goelz Responds to TWA Critics


Ms. Borjesson, Mr. Stalcup and their team continue their sadly misplaced and fundamentally toxic campaign to prove that they and only they can “connect the dots” and prove that the tragedy of TWA Flight 800 was the result of a shoot down by either the U.S. Government or terrorists. Luckily for the public the NTSB has, over the years, released tens of thousands of pages of evidence available to the public.  Conspiracy entrepreneurs like Borjesson/Stalcup take advantage of this extraordinary openness by simply cherry picking what meets their twisted view and ignoring the preponderance of the evidence.  Let me reference three important documents that will put their efforts in perspective.

First is a report prepared by the Naval Air Warfare Center at China Lake in December 1997.  It states “No conclusive evidence of missile impacts exists on any of the recovered wreckage of TWA Flight 800.  No evidence of high-velocity fragment impacts exists, which indicates a live warhead did not detonate within or near the exterior of the aircraft.  Additionally, a detailed inspection and analysis of all areas that a missile with a dud warhead could have impacted revealed no evidence of foreign object impacts consistent with this scenario.”  A link to the NTSB docket follows – the China Lake report is file 50307.

The second is the testimony of “team member” Hughes before the Senate Committee on the Judiciary on May 10,1999.  Under oath Mr. Hughes was given the unfettered opportunity to tell his tale. The result?  Nothing but a long whine about the FBI being bullies on scene and not following protocols Hughes thought important.  FBI big footed smaller agency-dog bites mailman. What is new?  (A link to the hearing transcript follows)

Finally I recommend an article from Scientific American entitled The Conspiracy Detector (  It is a short read but puts the efforts of Ms. Borjesson/Stalcup  and their “team” in the appropriate perspective.

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