Peter Goelz Speaks with Anderson Cooper After Malaysia Airlines MH17 Crashes

Malaysian Flight Crashes in Ukraine
CNN Newsroom
July 17 2014


O’Neill and Associates Senior Vice President Peter Goelz  was interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper immediately after a Malaysian Airline was shot down in Ukraine on July 17.

Goelz focused on the investigation.

“It’s critical that they get there as soon as possible for a couple reasons,” Goelz said. “One is for the investigation. But most importantly, for the humanitarian side, for the recovery of victims. And I have to tell you, Anderson, the idea that the Ukrainians are going to put the stake on this that they’re going to investigate this accident is going to be unacceptable to a large part of the world. There has to be an independent, impartial investigation of this tragedy. And the traditional ICAO guidelines allowing Ukraine to step forward is not going to be accepted. We need an independent investigation,”

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