About O’Neill and Associates

O’Neill and Associates has one mission: to help you reach the people critical to your oneillbusiness goals. So whether you want results with the media, City Hall, Beacon Hill, Capitol Hill or your customers, we can help you.

In 1991, former Lieutenant Governor Thomas P. O’Neill III envisioned a new paradigm for the traditional lobbying business by integrating communications and government relations to create a better brand of public affairs—one that achieves the greatest reach and the highest results. He assembled seasoned government and public relations professionals with diverse backgrounds and created a model company.

Our reach extends throughout Boston, New England and the nation. In your search for a government relations or public relations firm, in Boston, Washington D.C. and elsewhere, consider one equipped with a full range of integrated services including media relations, lobbying, crisis management and more.

O’Neill and Associates offers a breadth of services, combining government relations and communications, to develop a comprehensive action plan that addresses your specific business situation. We look at your opportunity from numerous vantage points because our professionals have been there, working in the public and private sectors, reporting on news events and establishing valuable contacts. Our team is versed in diverse industries critical to the New England economy. We understand how government, business and the media work, and we make this experience work for you.

O’Neill and Associates helps companies build brands, communicate with government officials, find new business opportunities and survive crisis situations. Your business is unique. You need unique reach and results.

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