About Peter

Peter Goelz, Senior Vice President at O’Neill and Associates

As a senior vice president at O’Neill and Associates, Peter Goelz offers decades of experience in national crisis communications and federal relations, with a specialty in aviation and transportation. He is regularly sought-after by national media as a commentator on aviation safety matters, appearing frequently on CNN, CBS Evening News, FOX News, MSNBC, and others. Most recently, Mr. Goelz worked for an international public relations firm where his clients included major airlines, aviation maintenance companies and leading transportation safety and security firms.Goelz_Peter_web

Previously, Mr. Goelz served as managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board. He is widely hailed as one of the country’s most experienced coordinators in disaster situations.

After joining the NTSB in 1995, Mr. Goelz served as director of the offices of government affairs, public affairs and family affairs. As managing director, his responsibilities included handling the day-to-day operation of the agency and serving as chief policy advisor to the chairman. In addition, he managed the passage of the agency’s reauthorization and appropriations legislation.

Mr. Goelz was instrumental in organizing and coordinating the NTSB’s efforts to support the families of victims and survivors of major transportation disasters, a role Congress gave to the NTSB in 1996 following the TWA accident off the coast of New York. During his tenure, Mr. Goelz directed family support and communication efforts for numerous accidents, including aviation, highway, railroad, marine and pipeline.

Mr. Goelz was on the scene and directed investigative activities at several aviation accidents, including ValuJet in Miami; TWA off the coast of New York; EgyptAir off the coast of Rhode Island; American Airlines in Arkansas; J. F. Kennedy, Jr. off the coast of Massachusetts. Mr. Goelz investigated numerous rail and other surface accidents, including those involving Amtrak trains in Illinois and Maryland.

In addition to working at the NTSB, Mr. Goelz was also assigned to the White House to work on trade issues and the logistics of the WTO Ministerial Conference in Seattle. Prior to joining the NTSB, Mr. Goelz was a partner in a Kansas City, Missouri, public affairs and public relations firm, whose clients included the City of Kansas City and the Public Securities Association of America.

Mr. Goelz’s New England roots include public service in New Hampshire where he served as a top aide to Governor Hugh Gallen and directed two state agencies. He resides in Alexandria, Virginia.

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